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I wouldn't go so far as to call it an oddball filter, after all it is 
easy to find. What I would now call oddball, in the sense of rare, is 
the application, at least in North America. P6 4cyl cars are uncommon 
enough now that few general catalogs list them anymore in North 
America, or even worse, wrong information creeps in because there is 
not enough turnover to generate complaints and fix the catalog error.

And at the crux of the whole issue was the decision by Rover to use a 
standing filter design, which necessitated the stand pipe inside. I 
presume (actually, I think I know, having seen several Caterpillar 
engines with standing filters) that the Cat and Perkins engines use 
the filter for the same reason.


>Hi Glen,
>NAPA # 1806 and Car Quest 85806 are the easiest to find as most 
>stores have a few in stock or can order one or two for you over 
>night.  WIX 51806, Baldwin BT 216 the best filter of the lot, AC 
>939, Perkins 2654403 and Fram PH 2821 the worst of the lot, also 
>work but are hard to find.  If you do find a source you may have to 
>order a case to get to get them.  Bring lots of money. Remember the 
>2000 engine does not have an anti-drain back pipe so we are stuck 
>with this odd ball oil filter that are required for some models of 
>Caterpillar and Perkins engines.  Have fun.  jb
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>>Could someone refresh me quickly about recommended oil filters for 
>>the 2000TC?
>>I'm in the USA, so commonly available brands over here would be most helpful.
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