[ROVERNET - UK] P6 V8 engine problem / Belgium

RoverP6 at gmx.de RoverP6 at gmx.de
Mon Jan 29 19:44:45 GMT 2007


I got a request from Belgium, there are some problems in running a P6 V8 engine. I´m not a
Technician but if YOU can give some advice, please write directly to Paris Vanhaelen, email
paris.vanhaelen at telenet.be



We do have some motorproblems with this one.
We made the engine run for 3 times but it only seems to run on 6 cylinders or even less.
There is fuel coming in the motorblock and a lot!

We chequed the firing ordre several times. (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2)
The compression seems OK.
Cyl/compression = 1/9 2/11 3/7 4/8 5/7 6/8 7/8 8/8

We did open the mechnical fuel pump and found that the diaphragm was bad.
We put in a new diaphragm.(kit)

We also replaced the condensator and vise platinez and the sparks and cables and distributor head.
Also, the fuel, oil, filters and battery.

The distributor (delco) seems to be turned if i compare its position with other V8 P6 engines.
The clips of the distributor are on 10 a clock and 4 a clock.
The clips of the distributor of other V8 were on 11 and 5 a clock.
So the distributor seems to be turned to the left.
We are unable to find any marks on the crankshaft pulley.(picture)
We see the relative pointer but no mark on the pulley.
We tried to scrape the durt and rust away but find nothing.
Is this normal???

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