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James Stapleton jstapleton at mqzip.com
Mon Jan 29 21:06:09 GMT 2007

I am in need of P5  3 litre Mark III parts.
I noted the bonnet lock cables.
What else is in the treasure chest?
I am in need of many things. Full restoration!
All rubber....seals....mounts...gaskets.
Bonnet safety lock catch.
Brake light line sensor.
Brake pads
Rear leaf springs
Reverse (automatic) Borg Warner sensor.
Plastic Smiths blower....where the fan mounts under hood (Mine is cracked).
Interior carpets.
To many other parts to mention.
What rather put in new at the right price than restore! Already lots to
So far my only leads are Ruth (very helpful) at ABC and Jonathan at Wadhams.
Ruth is recommending Scott's for rubber.
Located in Montreal, Canada.
PS: Maybe someone can help me locate what to use and where to find linkage
bushings. Both my accelerator and automatic linkages are completely without
Metal flopping around on metal!

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Hi Everyone, spent some time this past weekend going through boxes and
starting the inventory, here are a few of the parts.
As usual I'm offering them here 1st , what doesn't get taken goes on Ebay.
Prices have been substantially higher there than what I've been asking. (
Mostly Europe, Even some to Scandinavia)
Shipping as usual will be mostly under $20.00 for the USA that covers
packing shipping and insurance. ( some will be less for small stuff)
Outside the USA let me know where  and I'll get you a quote, I ship US
Parcel Post.
Here Goes:

Brand New in Packaging  P6 2000 & TC Flywheel  564327            100.00

Brand new Left and right Rear P6 & P6b Rear Brake Calipers
( Girling type) Rt. 605488 L. 605489             160.00ea  or 275.00Pair

Brand New in Packaging P6(2000) Girling LH Frt. Caliper
Pt # 605964                                                      100.00

Here's rare one!!  Complete in Packing P6 2000
Cam bearing chest ( This is the part that holds
the cam , bearings and tappet buckets)                         Make offer

New in package  Bonnet Lock cables P5  #352508 (Have 2)           30.00ea

New in Package  Bonnet Lock cables P6& B #369961 (Have2)          30.00ea

Here's another rare one,  Ignition wire set Part # 546493
for P6 2000 & tc ,( Complete up to plug connectors,
Check your manual or call)                                     Make offer

New ( Box fell apart) Steering Idler damper For P6 and B
( 2000 and 3500 ) LH Steering Pt# 565501                          125.00

Brand new ( Box fell apart) Exhaust Manifold for P6 2000
SC and Automatic Pt# 557827  Perfect

Interior lamp lenses( Round)  Pt# 567903, P6 & B ( Have 4)        5.00ea

Brake Pedal Pads (New) P6 B  Pt# 563659   ( Have 5)              16.00ea

New Vent window rubber seal ( Surounds) P6 & B (2000 & 3500)
LH Front , Pt# 364524           ( Have 3)                        20.00ea

Automatic trans cooler, New in Box P6(2000 Automatic) Pt#55772   100.00

Door latch # 368549 Left in Front P6& B ( up to about 71)        50.00

New in Box Interior Mirrors P6B (usa spec) #369071 (Have 2)      30.00ea

New in Box Instrument Voltage stabalizer (have 4) #555758
P6 Auto and TC and early SC                                      27.00ea

Well thats it for now, lots more to come, Email or call if there is
something that you want.
Pete McArdle
fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
631 725 3921 ( New York , USA)

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