[ROVERNET - UK] SD-1 heads and plugs

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jan 30 09:05:55 GMT 2007

I own both types of vehicles.
SD1 hand book recommends Champion N12Y gapped to 0.035"
P6B/3500 handbook recommends Champion L92Y gapped to 0.025"

The P6B has SD1 heads fitted running the N12Y's at 0.035" without any 
dramas. (after all, the blocks are basically the same)

Engines need 3 basic ingrdients to run ... fuel, spark and timing.
I would check that all three basic ingredients are in place first.

Running the shorter reach L92Y's in the SD1 heads could cause carbon 
fouling of the exposed head threads, possibly making the subsequent 
fitment of the correct, longer reach plugs difficult.

IMHO, plug choice would not prevent the engine from starting/running 
unless *all* are really badly fouled.
I would look somewhere else for your "no-start" culprit.

South Oz

geffandjulie wrote:
> I have SD-1 heads on my 70 3500S. Based on Rovernet advice, I changed 
> the possibly incorrect short reach plugs for the supposedly correct 
> BP6ES long reach, gapped to the correct 0.025".  It won't idle or run.
> Are there multiple types of SD-1 heads?  Could I really need the short 
> reach plugs back in?? Thanks!
> Geff and Julie McCarthy

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