[ROVERNET - UK] SD-1 heads and plugs

Robert Thornton R.Thornton at adelaidecitycouncil.com
Tue Jan 30 22:07:22 GMT 2007

I have used both short and long reach plugs in my alloy Buick 300 heads,
and this is with the head faces shaved down 080 in. These heads were
made in 1964 (only) and short reach plugs were specified, same as the
Buick 215s from which the early Rover engines were derived. I set them
at 032 in. The longer reach plugs raise the compression ratio slightly
by protruding furhter into the combustion chamber. With dished 4.6
pistons there is no contact with the crown, though it may be different
if flat top pistons were installed.


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  If you fit long reach plugs where short reach are needed your engine
won't run and you'll have holes in your pistons.   Assuming you haven't
done that check the ignition leads are all in right.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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