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>I assume you are trying to attach the speedo cable to the right hand
>drive.  In the series one TC the cable has plastic extension piece which
>allows it to be screwed on.
>Gavin Walker
>Canberra, Australia

I checked the length of the cable, and it is the correct cable. I then 
checked the right angle drive on the back of the speedo, to make sure that 
there was no cable stub in the from a previous broken cable, and that was 
fine.  So I put the speedo back in and tried routing the cable around the 
outside of the steering shaft/ universal joint,and hey presto it did up. I 
shall have to try doing that on my  right had drive Rover in Australia, I 
have gave up trying to do up the nut about 10 years ago, and I now know the 
problem! The cable is routed on the inside of the steering column. It has 
worked fine that way, but it would be nice to do the nut up. And yes both my 
speedo cables have the plastic extension piece. If you can get a new inner 
made from a sample, then that is the best way to go if you ever break your 
speedo cable, as all the replacement cables that I have come across  just 
had the nut by itself, which you need to dent your had to do up!

James Radcliffe.
Rover 2000TC, LHD.
Rover 2000 Auto, RHD.

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