R: R: [ROVERNET - UK] Rear window Seals

Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) gianluca.ruotolo at enel.it
Mon Jul 2 18:41:58 BST 2007

Dear friends,

		 I need an advice.

The coachbuildfer gave me my p6, everything is ok and the car is

As usual, in this dream there is something wrong.

The glasses were removed and the rear window was not fitted in its
position properly.

The seal does not touch the roof and there is a cleft of more or less
0,5 mm, so water comes in.

The mechanic does not want to do this job again, so is there a bigger
seal or do I have to remove the window and to fit it properly?
In my opinion with the roof in its place everything should be easier.

Your advices wuill be appreciated.

Best regards, thanks in advance, Gianluca.

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