[ROVERNET - UK] Prop Shaft on a P4

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Tue Jul 3 23:32:31 BST 2007

Jonathan Wadhams shows such a cross member in his P4 catalogue, for 75 
GBP.  But given the cost of shipping and that you'd have to get the old 
one cut out and the new one welded in anyway, it might be simpler and 
cheaper to get your friendly welder to fabricate a new one based on 
whatever sound metal there is on the existing member.  It's hardly a 
very complex part.


 -- Bill


Katherine Cuba wrote:
> On my '58 Rover P4, there is a central frame cross-member that 
> contains what looks like a support and bearing chase for the prop 
> shaft or drive shaft. It has some rust in it and looks like it might 
> fail in the future.
> Is the frame cross-member available as a replacement piece or do I 
> need to get my welding friend to patch and fabricate pieces to repair it?
> Thanks for any advice or direction,
> Michael
> St. Louis, Missouri
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