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John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 5 04:48:41 BST 2007

Hi Again Reverend
Now we know that your car is an automatic and has the the pre-engaged type
starter there could be other problems with the starting system other than
the relay.  As we do not know your automobile repair and electrical skills,
I will just hit the high points.

I.  There are four major parts and the wiring connecting then in the system.
	1. The INHIBITOR SWITCH.  On the A/T is a safety device preventing the
engine from starting in gear.
	2. The STARTER RELAY controls current to the starter solenoid.
	3. The STARTER MOTOR SOLENOID. This device is mounted on the starter motor
and engages the drive gear into the    	flywheel ring gear and then directs
battery power to the starter motor.

II. Almost all the system testing can be done at the relay.  If the
solenoid fails the operattion test the starter should be removed and bench

III. If the starter relay needs to be replaced almost any, normanlly-open,
single pole, single throw, four or five spade, 30 amp, round, rectangle,
metal or plastic starter relay should work.  Celia may be a bit mixed up as
the Lucas parts book shows the model 6RA relay, part number 33213 as a
rectangular metal unit with two mounting points.  Large and clunky could be
a regular Lucas solenoid, round or square, for the inertia-type starters. 
Celia may think of that solenoid as a relay as it works like one. 

About the wiring, yes the battery cable does go to the solenoid.  But it
takes all this other stuff to make it work.  About your service manual
wiring diagram, look for the Circuit Diagram for cars with Automatic
Transmission.  Lastly be sure you notice the gauge of the wires and where
they go.  A test lamp and a Volt Ohm meter should be used to verify where
the wires go.   If you are not comfortable with all this information I
think it would be best to send your car out to a porfesional for repair.
Take Care.  jb  
> I wonder if someone would be able help me just a bit.  My 1968 2000SC
> has a Lucas 6RA starter relay fitted.  Celia, at Scarborough Faire
> says the relay was either originally round, or large and clunky like
> an Austin Healey.
> My Autopress book's wiring diagramme suggests there may not even have
> been a relay, but wiring went direct to the solenoid on the starter.
> Does anyone know what the original fitment might have been?  What kind of
> Just to make things a bit more iteresting, the coloured wiring has
> perished, and I have a rat's nest of black.
> Perhaps, if i can get this sorted, I can start the headstrong little
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