[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000 TC (1966) petrol tank sender unit.

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Using my MGB Electrical Systems book by Rick Astley as a guide. The 
resistance of the sender should read from 222 ohms empty to 20 ohms when 
full. This is plus or minus 20 % for limited accuracy. If your system uses a 
thermal (bimetallic) type gauge with a voltage stabilizer, the stabilizer 
voltage supplied to the meter should be 10 volts. If it is a moving iron 
gauge the voltage supplied should be 12 volts with no stabilizer. MG went to 
thermal (bimetallic) in 1968, I don't know about Rover. To check a moving 
iron gauge remove the wire (green/black -?) from the sender with the 
ignition on, gauge should read zero. Touch the wire to ground, gauge should 
read full. Checking a thermal (bimetallic) gauge is the same, but do not 
hold the wire on ground for very long as it could cause the gauge to 
overheat. Note: if you have a moving iron gauge there should be a ground 
wire to the gauge. This is not required for the thermal gauges. A quick 
check to ascertain that there is a ground to the gauge is to see if the 
panel light in it operates. No ground, no light.

Hope this helps.

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> Can anyone let me know what resistance I should get on my petrol sender 
> unit in Ohms. My tank has about 5 US gallons of petrol in it, and I am 
> getting a reading of 240 Ohms across the sender with my multimeter. Does 
> this seem about right? I get about 8 volts at the two terminals, the 
> reading jumps around a bit, but I think that is normal for the type of 
> voltage regulator. Where can I get a new sender if I need one? What can 
> you use in place of the special tool listed in the book to take out the 
> sender?
> James.
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