[ROVERNET - UK] No get up and go!!!!

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sun Jul 15 13:48:57 BST 2007

Hi Lance
             After seeing your heading "No get up and go" then and my name
mentioned in the first paragraph I thought you must be talking about me!!!
which of course would be a correct discription these days!!.
Its difficult to give you an answer from distance, but one thing to check is
the exhaust, make sure you have a good exhaust flow. Its no unknown to have
a blockage in the system which could cause the symptoms you discribe. Some
years ago I found a mouse nest in the tail pipe, after days of trying to get
the engine to run right, going up a hill I floored the gas and out of the
tail pipe came straw mice etc and then I took off as a P6B should!!
                                       Regards Ben.
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