[ROVERNET - UK] spark plug question.

John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 17 21:22:21 BST 2007

Hi Ben
I have been using NGK spark plugs for over 30 years and have had very good
service from them in all sorts of cars and trucks, doing all kinds of
driving.  The plugs in your car are a bit on the hot side and this may be
ok for the type of driving you do.  NGK heat range numbers start with 1 =
hot and go to 10 = cold and the Champs run 1 = cold to 10 = hot.  My old
NGK book shows Champ. N6Y = NGK BP8ES.   How do the plugs look?  That will
tel you the hole story about how these spark plugs are doing in your car
with carb. and ign. set up that it has today.  Other codes in the NGK spark
plug type are: B=13/16" hex, P= platinum electrode, R= resistor, #= heat
range, E= 3/4 reach and I can not remember what the S means.  Hope this
helps some.  Take care.

The Yucca Valley Kid.

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> Calling on the Rovernet Brain trust once again.
>                                                                     What a
> great resource this is too. Today while checking my spark plugs I came up
> with a few questions. The plugs in my TC series two are NGK BPR6ES. the
> Owners maintenance manual states Champion N6Y. I have a Champion Catalogue
> issued 1973, it states N7Y. I'm a little confused anyone know the correct
> plug application for my car, I realise the Champion numbers are not
> available and could not find a cross reference from Champion to my NGK's
> Look forward to your help
>                                                    Regards  Ben.
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