[ROVERNET - UK] 1966 P5

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Jul 18 21:32:59 BST 2007

Hi Stephen,
There are quite a few P5 owners on this list.  I am 
working on two out here in West Texas...a 1968 P5B Coupe 
and a 1963 Mk. II saloon.  I have some used P5 parts as do 
a number of other list members.  Ruth is great, both for 
her knowledge and her sources.  I have an order in with 
her now.  Tell us more about your car...VIN or Commission 
number, left or right hand drive, transmission type, 
saloon or coupe.  Although 1966 would indicate a Mk. III, 
titles can be misleading and it's best to go by VIN.  Most 
importantly, where are you located?

Welcome to the family.

Kent K.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:06:18 -0700
  "stephen clark" <stephenclarkbuckscounty at gmail.com> 
> I am working on my 1966 P5 and am looking for various 
>parts.  First
> time on this site, so not even sure this is being 
>received by anyone.
> If so, please let me know and how this works.
> thanks
> Stephen
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