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Alan Francis Alan at southernsheeting.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 10:06:32 BST 2007

I think the problems with the forum may be related to the 'problems'
with the Club. As anyone who was a member last year will know there were
'issues' relating to a deficit in Club funds and where that money had
gone. Prior to that there were some 'personal' issues between various
members of the committee. As is often the case it's impossible to arrive
at a definitive conclusion but my own personal action was to vote with
my feet and not renew my membership after 20 years, a decision I did not
take lightly. 

Sadly this closure seems to indicate a further step along the path to
cessation, though this is only a personal opinion and not based on any
'insider' information.

The loss of one diminishes us all as they say and I take no pleasure in
the situation but conversations with friends with other interests
suggest it is not uncommon in various clubs with different interests for
'personality' issues to become more important than the original concept.

Personally, although no longer a member I hope it survives but guess
it's a case of 'watch that space'.

Alan Francis (partviking)


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