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Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 17:48:37 BST 2007

Stephen, another excellent parts resource is J.R. Wadhams in England.  The
carpets, rear spring mounts, and numerous other bits in my P5 Coupe came
from them.  Unfortunately the exchange rate is not in our favor at the
moment so it's pricey importing things from the UK, but they have
virtually everything you might need.  Here is their website:



Geoff Kirkpatrick

> stephen clark wrote:
> > Wow!
> >
> > thanks for the response.  I guess you can tell who the night owls are
> > and who the early birds are from your various locations.
> >
> > I'm located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about one hour north of
> > Philadelphia, and one house + from NYC.
> >
> > I am just starting this P5, and so this list will undoubtedly grow
> > with time.  The starter list includes a new gas tank (this one has
> > already been repaired), windshield wiper blades, heater core, and the
> > rear mounting for the passenger side rear spring.  The mounting (from
> > the drawings in the  Rover 3 Litre Workshop Manual that came with the
> > car) is slightly triangular in shape with two "rear rubber mountings"
> > that bolt into the "rear spring hanger bracket".    I also wanted to
> > know if there are carpet kits available for the P5.
> >
> > I appreciate any suggestions or leads, including a contact number or
> > email address for Ruth Burgess.
> >
> > thanks for the welcome.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Stephen 917 414 4554
> >

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