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I have seen a couple, but they usually have to be really nice (this one appears to be).  I have a strong preference for the 4-door ADO16, and the 2-door estates- something about the America body doesn't appeal to me as much as the others.  I like somewhat odd cars - just bought a  one-little-old-lady  owner automatic Landcrab from Regina SK - will collect it from Montreal in Sept. when I go to Stowe for the British Invasion.  I'm vending there, but won't have a car. Does anyone need any P6 bits?  I have a lovely & I believe complete black vinyl Series I interior (front seats are only the covered pads - no frames), as well as some sills, Rostyle/Magnum/whatever wheels that I will not be using (I've got wires to put on!), other miscellaneous Series I stuff (the car that donated the panels & doors to my 71 TC was a S1).  I was not going to bring P6 stuff, as we mostly do Mini parts, but maybe I should toss some of that stuff in . . . . . 

Interest in the ADO16's seems to be picking up, which is good.  Now if I only can get mine finished!

Mini prices are astounding right now - I can't believe what some cars are going for.

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We've discussed classic car values before on the Rovernet. I love the 
BMC AD016 cars like the MG 1100 and variants. I noticed today that the 
1969 Austin America on eBay motors is up to $6300, and the auction is 
not over! It's an absolutely beautiful car, but who would've thought 
we'd be pushing seven grand for one of these?

I know Jim Cumberland loves these cars, too. Ever seen an Austin America 
in that price range before, Jim?


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