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Chris J Wilson chris at chris-wilson.org
Fri Jul 27 21:52:09 BST 2007

Hi all,

It's been a while since I last was a member of Rovernet - I think about 10 years now when I was still living in New Zealand. I've been in England for the last couple of years, and working my way through the Rover range.

I still have a '67 P6 2000SC back in NZ, and over the last couple of years I've had a '97 414Si hatchback and a '98 416Si saloon. I've currently got a '70 P6B Estate (resto project) and tomorrow I'm picking up a '70 or '71 P6B.

The reason I'm not sure on the year is simply that the car has no paperwork. It's an Ebay purchase and the guy bought it for parts, drove it around his village once and then parked it up. Fortunately for me, he didn't strip the engine out and I've managed to get hold of it. We tried to start it the other weekend for the first time in a year, and the only reason we can see that it wouldn't fire was because the distributor cap is damaged. So tomorrow I'm taking some spares from the Estate and hopefully she'll start up. The bodywork isn't bad - some surface rust - but none of the usual boot floor/chassis rust you'd expect, and she has a rather nice set of minilites fitted too.

As there is no paperwork or even old number plates, I have to start from scratch. I don't think it'll be a big job getting this one back on the road, and it'll give my BMW 1-series a rest with all the miles I'm doing.

In the UK, to register a car without any plates, you need to use a Certificate of Conformity as a reference sheet. This lets you pull certain car-weight-size-related figures and input them onto the form. As you normally get this from the manufacturer and as I doubt that the Chinese know a lot about the old paperwork, does anyone either have one of these for a series 2 P6B, or know where I might be able to get a recent UK-issued one?

Any help would be appreciated..


Chris Wilson
Hampshire, England

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