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Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) gianluca.ruotolo at enel.it
Mon Jul 30 09:10:37 BST 2007

Beautiful history.

I also have Rover and Bmw, but they' re both in Italy.

Rover P6 2000 Tc is in Udine, Bmw 318 i in Rome.

Now I finished Rover restoration and, after a little accident, I'm
beginning Bmw...

Best regards, Gianluca.

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>Hi all,
>It's been a while since I last was a member of Rovernet - I think about

>years now when I was still living in New Zealand. I've been in England
>the last couple of years, and working my way through the Rover range.
>I still have a '67 P6 2000SC back in NZ, and over the last couple of 
>I've had a '97 414Si hatchback and a '98 416Si saloon. I've currently
got a 
>'70 P6B Estate (resto project) and tomorrow I'm picking up a '70 or '71

>The reason I'm not sure on the year is simply that the car has no
>paperwork. It's an Ebay purchase and the guy bought it for parts, drove
>around his village once and then parked it up. Fortunately for me, he 
>didn't strip the engine out and I've managed to get hold of it. We
tried to 
>start it the other weekend for the first time in a year, and the only 
>reason we can see that it wouldn't fire was because the distributor cap
>damaged. So tomorrow I'm taking some spares from the Estate and
>she'll start up. The bodywork isn't bad - some surface rust - but none
>the usual boot floor/chassis rust you'd expect, and she has a rather
>set of minilites fitted too.
>As there is no paperwork or even old number plates, I have to start 
>scratch. I don't think it'll be a big job getting this one back on the 
>road, and it'll give my BMW 1-series a rest with all the miles I'm
>In the UK, to register a car without any plates, you need to use a
>Certificate of Conformity as a reference sheet. This lets you pull
>car-weight-size-related figures and input them onto the form. As you 
>normally get this from the manufacturer and as I doubt that the Chinese

>know a lot about the old paperwork, does anyone either have one of
>for a series 2 P6B, or know where I might be able to get a recent
>Any help would be appreciated..
>Chris Wilson
>Hampshire, England

I thought I was the only person with Rovers in both Hemispheres of the 
globe. I have a 2000TC in the US, and a 2000 automatic is Australia.



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