[ROVERNET - UK] Bleeding brakes!

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 06:24:09 BST 2007

I didn't notice it said that the brake master cylinder
had been overhauled or checked.

Problematical bleeding:
Try cracking the brake pipe junction on one of the
outlet pipes from the M/Cyl, using a cloth to catch
the leakage.  An assistant pushes the brake pedal to
the floor while you loosen a fitting.  Fluid should
ooze out.  Close the fitting while the pedal remains
pushed to the floor.  Repeat with the other outlet

Loosen each outlet fitting, in turn, at the end of
each servo cylinder.  Floow the same procedure of
loosening at the downstroke and tightening before air
enters the system.

Go to the rear caliper and bleed it.

Go to the right front caliper and bleed it before
completing the bleeding process on the left front.

Some people have suggested bleeding the calipers while
the car is running.  (A bit hot for the rear caliper

Master cylinder trouble:
Sometimes with a small leakage from the master
cylinder a pumping action will give you brake while a
single pedal push allows the fluid to squeeze past the
seal and the M/Cyl is ineffective.  There are two
M/Cyl seals which can leak.  Also the "tipping" valve
must be correctly installed.

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