[ROVERNET - UK] Need to know about Land Rovers for pulling?

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at gmail.com
Thu May 3 01:19:30 BST 2007

You may get a better epsonse from one of the spcialist Land Rover
lists, but assuming you want to tow a Rover to shows then FWIW I've
had several Land Rovers and can tow quite well albeit rather slower
than a full size truck with a big engine.

There are some things to watch with the Disco (much oif the applies
equally to the  Rangie)

These models were series one Discos. '99 was when the series II Disco
was introduced into the US market and IMHO this was much better

Make sure the Service history is complete with oil and filter changes
at 5000 miles or less - the Rover engine is quite durable given proper
maintenance, but skipped oil changes will give you all sorts of
trouble  as the mileage gets up there.

Cams and tappets can wear out about the 100,000 mile mark; less if the
maintenance has been skimped. Replacing the tappets isn't espcially
difficult, but do make sure you replace the cam and timing gear at the
same time

The engine isn't as big and powerful as some so I wouldn't recommend
it purely as a tow vehicle if your doing long distances in mountain
country with American style trailer, though from personal experince
they do very nicely with small lightweight horse trailers on local

The relatively short wheelbase can give some interesting riding with a
big tandem trailer; check with a trailer specialist for sway bars and
a leveller and do be careful to keep below the recommended tongue
weight of the trailer.

Maintenance can be expensive, especially on older high mileage trucks
- although the electrics may be newer than on our cars the Lucas
bloodline just can't be denied. Discos built after about 2000 or 2001
with the Bosch systems are much less prone to playing up, but aren't

If you're buying it purely as a tow vehicle there might be better
choices. However they do make very comfy daily drivers even with live
axles front and rear and, like a proper Land Rover, will last forever
if well treated and if bits are replaced from time to time.


On 5/2/07, David Sheuring <rovertcv8 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am going to an auto auction and there happens to be
> a 96,97, 98 Land Rover Discovery coming up.
> What I was wondering is? What are the like to pull a
> trailer...ie: a car trailer?

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