[ROVERNET - UK] Need to know about Land Rovers for pulling?

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Thu May 3 13:37:54 BST 2007

Hi David
Not trying to sound too biased here ;-)
If you intend to regularly pull a car trailer, the Defender has the best 
towing capacity.
If you want a bit more pizzazz and comfort, the Disco is ok.


David Sheuring wrote:
> Hi folks
> I hope that everyone is doing well.
> I am going to an auto auction and there happens to be
> a 96,97, 98 Land Rover Discovery coming up.
> What I was wondering is? What are the like to pull a
> trailer...ie: a car trailer?
> How about the years...are there differences that I
> need to be aware of?
> Is there a good Land Rover to pull with?
> Inquiring minds would like to know....
> Cheers
> David

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