[ROVERNET - UK] Blown fuse

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Try the old process by elimination. First disconnect the power input lead to 
the turn signals. If it continues to blow it is probably the instrument 
voltage stabilizer. This is the one common item to fuel and temp gauges. If 
it does not blow then the problem is undoubtedly in the turn signals and 
probably a shorted wire. Remove the turn signal bulbs and check for shorts 
of the individual leads using an Ohm meter. There should not be a path to 
ground (earth) with the bulbs removed. Be certain that the indicator bulbs 
in the dash are also disconnected. These are sometimes in parallel with the 
front turn signals.

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> My 1968 TC is regularly blowing the fuse that pertains to the turn signals 
> and the fuel and temperature gauges.  I don't even know where or how to 
> start tracking down this kind of problem.  Any guidance would be helpful. 
> Thanks, Gordon.
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