[ROVERNET - UK] New SD1 owners

vic muscat vic94087 at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 01:28:26 BST 2007

At one time I had 3 operational SD1's. Two of them,
both automatics, developed engine problems which could
not be resolved. I had spare engines, but for personal
they weren't installed. Well, last November both cars,
with spare engines, ended up at my grandnephews house.
One is 16 1/2, the other 14 1/2. They are pretty good
wrenchers and they also received the manuals and a
The older one had his driving around southwestern
Michigan 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, he hit 
a deer and had to repair the right front corner. 
The younger one doesn't have his license yet.
So there is some young blood in the SD1 Corp.

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