[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Electrical Question

Walter Reynolds wreynold at uniserve.com
Mon May 14 04:02:18 BST 2007

Hi all, and thanks so much for all the info that's coming in.  I will be 
going over to Eric's Monday a.m. to, as he puts it, "Tinker".

To answer a few  of the questions that have been referred back to me:

I've not had the generator out, so don't know if it's lost its residual flux 
(?).  The remedy sounds like what you have to do with a nicad battery when 
it reverses its polarity.

I've done none of the work (generator/regulator) myself.  I've always had a 
garage look after that stuff.

I've printed off the "Testing Voltage Regulators" info from the web site 
sugested by Eric - looks very interesting.  There's info in the article 
which isn't in the Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual that I have.  It's 
also interesting thatthe Rover Workshop manual that I have makes no 
reference at all to the voltage/current regulator.

Like Eric, I had a "Can't open this web page" message to the web page 
suggested by Gavin.

Film at eleven re Monday's tinkering!

Thanks again.  Walter. 

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