[ROVERNET - UK] Looking For SU Pump Parts

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 01:55:14 BST 2007

MI decided to take my long standing project P5 to a
local car show this sunday. It was only about 8 miles
away and thought it would be fun to show my "work in
progress". As would have it, the pump was not
cooperating. Even with a few good raps, it refused to
tic-a-tic. I pulled the fuel line at the carb and try
it again and finally it starts working. Yea! vroom!
Off we go. I'll just stop by the gas station to add a
few gallons of fresh petrol to the varnish in the
tank. Fueling done, off we go to the show. I smell raw
fuel. I pull over and don't see anything and the smell
isn't too bad, no aaparent leaks. Hmmm, maybe it's the
overflow sloshing fuel? I get to the show and lo and
behold, Geoff Kirkpatrick is there with his 3500S.
This show has a wide variety of vehicles. Nice since
many of them are one-offs. We hang out for a bit and I
leave to go home around 12:30. I arrive home and the
fuel smell is stronger. I pull back the panel and see
a small stream coming from one of the screws on the
pump body. I try tightening it, but I still see fuel
seeping out. Appears the diaphram has had it. So, I'll
ask the list, what's the best approach to repair. I
googled and someone in Washington state is rebuilding
them for around $50+ shipping and parts. He also
converts them to a magnetic reed valve(?). Doesnt'
seem like to bad a deal. Or, should I get the parts
myself and rebuild it? Sources? Thanks all.

  Rover P5
  1983 GR650

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