[ROVERNET - UK] Rear Brakes

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Tue May 22 18:55:31 BST 2007

Hi Folks
            Once again drawing on the collective brain power of the
Rovernet!! My 1971 TC is on the road, front brakes work well rear brakes not
at all. I bled the system the rear calipers seemed fine but not adjusted up
to the disc's. The brakes were overhauled before I bought the car and I
suspect the hand brake (doesn't work)is the culprit. I believe the two pins
are probably laying down and not making contact with the adjustment lever.
Is there an easy way to adjust the pistons and so get rear brakes without
having to dismantle the rear calipers. Its summer and I really don't want to
have to lay up the car so soon after getting it out. In other words can the
brake pads be adjusted without the hand brake working?????
                                                         Cheers  Ben

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