[ROVERNET - UK] Another electrical snafu on this#"?&^%%$#$ 3500S

iudkuy wcygiohs iudkuy at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 00:57:22 BST 2007


Is #"?&^%%$#$ the chinese character equivalent of

Pter B

--- Ben Rodgers <irishrover at netscape.ca> wrote:

> Hi Bill
>          Some British cars and I think Rover was
> one,  had a switch for
> parking at night, this left only one front and rear
> park light on depending
> on which side of the road the car was parked. In the
> sixties it was law to
> have outside park lights on all night when a car was
> parked on the street. I
> never had a good battery in those days so like many
> others placed a small
> hurricane lamp beside the car, half the glass was
> painted red the other half
> clear. If your car has this switch that may well be
> part of the problem.
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