[ROVERNET - UK] Need help - Cyclops voltage regulator

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Fri May 25 02:30:02 BST 2007

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Blue Beast.  I went through
the same process with my '35 Rover last year, and had to get the regulator
rebuilt by an auto electrician.  Fortunately by a fellow who is 85 and
served his apprenticeship in the 30s!! Your problem will be finding a sparky
who still understands these regulators and is a repairer and rather than a
parts replacer.
What is the identifying number of the regulator?  There is usually a number
like "RF35" "RB90" or "RB105" on the cover.  Once you know this number,
finding a replacement or alternative is not that hard.  
There are a number of companies in the UK which specialise in exchange or
selling either reconditioned or replacement regulators and they crop up on
eBay regularly ... you may also find there are Lucas Blue Smoke outlets in
the US who can supply blue smoke regulators.   
If you still have problems, remove the regulator and ship it over to me and
I can arrange for it to be reconditioned here in Oz: however there is some
skill involved in setting it up on the car and adjusting the cams so it
operates properly.
By the way - in my interstate move I came across a genuine Rover spare parts
catalogue for the 1950-53 "75" models.  Do you want it?  It has many
exploded diagrams and a complete list of component parts.  Do not forget to
quote the type and number of the car when ordering.

Alan Gale

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