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>Message: 1
>It sounds like a high resistance in the cutin coil, I don't think I have 
>one to measure (they didn't really change the design for many years) but 
>shall check tomorrow.
>In the event a later reg will do the job, I do not know if the connections 
>are the same type (used to RB340s now).
>The voltage should be around 13.5 when everything is connected and running.
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Re: Need help - Cyclops voltage regulator
>It doesn't engage as the RPMs increase, allowing the voltage to climb
>unrestricted.  If I manually engage it, then it works and keeps the
>voltage in the 15V range, but then it disengages as soon as the revs drop
>back to idle and will not re-engage.  I've cleaned all the contacts and
>played with the adjuster screw but none of this makes any difference in
>its behavior.
>I just had the generator rebuilt, and I think the voltage regulator
>failure was what damaged the generator to begin with.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks -
> >
> > What does it not do now?
> > Uusually cleaning the points is a first step.
> >
> > PVS
> >
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> > Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Need help - Cyclops voltage regulator
> >
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > The voltage regulator in my '51 P4 Cyclops has failed, and I'm looking
> > at
> > repair or replacement options.  I found this unit on Ebay, identified as
> > a
> > Jaguar XK120 unit:
> >
> >
> >
> > It looks identically external, and almost identical internally except
> > that
> > the cutout design is slightly different from mine.  Can anyone confirm
> > that this unit is functionally the same as the P4 unit?
> >
> > Alternatively, is there anyone around who repairs/rebuilds these things?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Geoff
> >
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>Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 09:30:02 +0800
>From: "Alan Gale" <agale at iinet.net.au>
>Subject: RE: [ROVERNET - UK] Need help - Cyclops voltage regulator
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>Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Blue Beast.  I went through
>the same process with my '35 Rover last year, and had to get the regulator
>rebuilt by an auto electrician.  Fortunately by a fellow who is 85 and
>served his apprenticeship in the 30s!! Your problem will be finding a 
>who still understands these regulators and is a repairer and rather than a
>parts replacer.
>What is the identifying number of the regulator?  There is usually a number
>like "RF35" "RB90" or "RB105" on the cover.  Once you know this number,
>finding a replacement or alternative is not that hard.
>There are a number of companies in the UK which specialise in exchange or
>selling either reconditioned or replacement regulators and they crop up on
>eBay regularly ... you may also find there are Lucas Blue Smoke outlets in
>the US who can supply blue smoke regulators.
>If you still have problems, remove the regulator and ship it over to me and
>I can arrange for it to be reconditioned here in Oz: however there is some
>skill involved in setting it up on the car and adjusting the cams so it
>operates properly.
>By the way - in my interstate move I came across a genuine Rover spare 
>catalogue for the 1950-53 "75" models.  Do you want it?  It has many
>exploded diagrams and a complete list of component parts.  Do not forget to
>quote the type and number of the car when ordering.
>Alan Gale

If you are in the US then AS&B Turner in Penn Yan, NY  might be worth a call 
to see if he can fix it. He does a lot of tractor work, and a lot of the 
older Ford tractors around here have lucas electrics. His number is 315 536 


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