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Hmm . . . . I 've not had to look, fortunately, but it's good to know there might be people who ca n do it.  (I see a wizened bearded little man in a dimly lit back room with an awl, muttering to himself.)  :o)

Years ago a friend of nmine in England once sat with a paint pen and transformed a role of original Mini Cooper brocade fabric from either silver to gold or gold to silver because he had a very particualtr customer & he couldn't find fabric with the right brocade color. said it was the most tedious thing he'd ever done .. . 

Good luck!


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I have seen "perforating service" advertised by some upholstery 
suppliers, though none come to mind right now. So it is possible


>I have located US sources for Jaguar expanded Ambla, but the 
>material seems not to have the holes that the Rover seat pans have. 
>Has anyone replaced the Ambla? Can the upholsterer reproduce the 
>"hole" effect manually? thanks
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