[ROVERNET - UK] P6B Expanison tank

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Sun May 27 20:58:02 BST 2007

I found that Volvo 144 expansion tanks will work on many cars.  This tank
will work as either a header or expansion tank.  To use it as a header
tank, to expand the cooling system capacity about a pint and a half, put a
blanking, flat, cap on the radiator and a regular radiator cap on the Volvo
tank.  If you only want to use it as an expiation tank just put a blanking,
flat, cap on the Volvo tank.  

These tanks were used on many Volvo models from the 1960s on to the 1980s. 
The tanks are 3" in outside diameter, and about 11" long.  The fluid nipple
is for 3/8" ID hose.  

You may find these tanks and the mounting hardware in salvage yards.  Last
time, November of 06, I needed one I had to go to a Volvo dealer to get
one, PN 686833-5 tank, $56.69 plus sales tax.  I used 3" cable clamps for
the mounting.

The blanking cap that will work is for a Jaguar XJ6 68-82 Moss Motors PN
780-126, $3.50 plus sales tax and shipping.  I hope all this helps.   

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> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] P6B Expansion tank
> Many moons ago (1999) Andy Thomas posted a link to photos of his
> installation of an expansion tank kit which he purchased from a Ray
> Weekley.    The aftermarket 'tank' I installed is about the size of a two
> litre milk carton and looks pretty unsightly.  In the pictures that Andy
> posted, the recovery bottle literally looks like a water bottle from a
> bike---very nice, compact size with a functional radiator cap attached.
> Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I could find a unit this
> size?  Is 'Ray Weekley' a distributor of parts in the UK?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Lance La Certe '70  P6B
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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