[ROVERNET - UK] P6B nuts and bolts specs

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 Thank you ...that was extremely informative and appreciated.



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> On 11/3/07, Brooks <restore at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:
>> "the car is UNF and UNC
>> throughout."
>>  I'm sorry...but I don't know what these terms represent...
> "Unified National Fine" and "Unified National Coarse" which were
> originally specified in the 19th century and eventually became US
> standards. You will also see them referred to as SAE threads. Your
> standard toolkit will fit
> SAE/Unified threads began to  become more widespread among British
> makers in the 50s into the 70s until metrication; the "Unified" part
> of the name comes from an agreement among various standards bodies in
> the late forties to ensure at lest some commonality between the
> various inch-based countries in NATO.
> Carbs, electrical parts and instruments were often held together with
> BA (British Association) screws; BA is a long established thread form
> used in instrumentation and is based on a metric measurements, but is
> not compatible with the ISO metric system except by accident.
> While technically obsolete  BA hardware and tools are still available
> as BA screws are much favoured by model railway enthusiasts in the
> Commonwealth countries
> Having said that there is one other thread standard you need to be
> aware of, BSP which is sonetimes used for things like temperatore
> sensors and which can trip up the unwary.
> Aidrian
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