[ROVERNET - UK] Rust proofing a P6

phing phing at videotron.ca
Thu Nov 8 04:13:19 GMT 2007

 Any advice on how and where to rustproof a P6 ?? My new toy Rip Van Winkle is rust free . I would like to have it rustproofed but 
have no idea where to drill holes , or what to use  for best results . Any advice would be gratefully received .
 RVw is currently black with elegant real paint [ not tape] gold pinstriping . Black was not a standard P6 color , the Heritage cert 
says it was Arden green . There is no green to be found any where , the engine bay is black with all the correct stickers and 
transfers in place . So has RVW had a super respray or was it a special order ?? I'm not convinced the Heritage cert is correct , 
they claimed my P3 was originally grey , when we stripped it back to bare metal we found it was black all the way down to the 
original Rover red undercoat .

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