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JULIET KEILER lingfield51 at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 12 16:24:55 GMT 2007

Appreciate the information Vern, I know he went in August so guess he must be globetrotting looking for long lost Rovers. :) 

The mystic land of Shangra-Longbridge maybe....... :)

Alan (partviking)

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I believe Eric is still on holiday, expected back sometime this 
month, though I'm not sure when.


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>Sorry to bomb the list but have tried emailing Eric via the 
>webmaster link and my mails get returned. If you're about Eric can 
>you mail me on lingfield51 at btinternet.com regarding the P6 DUNLOP 
>servo brackets I was trying to locate and you were going to check 
>and see if you had please. I know you were off on holiday but not 
>sure if you were unsuccessful or still looking. I know I've asked 
>before but if anyone else has them kicking around I would be 
>grateful for a mail. Of course it's not the sort of thing most 
>people would remove, the servo yes but the brackets...? So I guess 
>my best hope is an old shell which no doubt would still have them 
>attached. Many Thanks Alan Francis (partviking)
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