Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue Nov 13 02:36:24 GMT 2007

No, the Gulf Coast Coracle Museum moved to Corpus Christi. 
 It is situated between the Texas State Aquarium and the 
USS Lexington and just across the Nueces River from the 
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.  They had considered moving 
it to San Jacinto next to the USS Texas, but the Corpus 
Christi bunch really wanted the Coracles and sweetened 
their offer.  Besides which, you can't get good seafood at 
San Jacinto.  I really don't know why they left 
Galveston...too few Irishmen, I suppose.

Do you have a spare SD1 oil pan or two?  I started to 
button up the bottom end of a 3.5 and discovered two 
cracked oil pans.

Kent K.

> Kent,
> Is the Gulf Coast Coracle Museum still operating in 
> Glen
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