[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2200 pistons

Ron Venter venterrh at telus.net
Thu Nov 15 03:28:09 GMT 2007

Hi Kent,
           These pistons have been a topic of discussion on the P6 
Owners' Club Forum, and the conclusion reached is that they are NOT 
standard 2200 pistons.
                                                         Ron V.

At 07:10 PM 07-11-14, you wrote:
>Hi Netters,
>I have bid on a set of 2200 pistons on Ebay UK, but they don't look 
>like my 2000 pistons or the 2200 pistons illustrated in the parts 
>book.  Are the 2200 pistons different in design from the 2000 pistons?  Help!!
>Kent K.
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