[ROVERNET - UK] 2200 pistons

Robert Pinner robert at clocksoft.com
Fri Nov 16 16:40:45 GMT 2007

Phew, I was beginning to think I'd scared everyone away which certainly
wasn't my intention!

A standard head will work but I suspect you would be missing out on
power. The valves are quite a lot larger in the 2200s so in theory you
should be able to suck more air and fuel through the 2200 head. I'm not
entirely sure how they managed it but IIRC, the outputs for both 2000
and 2200 are quoted as identical. Based on that, I would expect the
combination might have less power than a 2000. Perhaps the design of the
inlet and exhaust manifolds are the restricting factors.

Before acting on the conjecture mentioned above, please see my previous
mail about people offering their opinion without knowing what the are
talking about. :-0


> Forgot to ask Robert, will a standard 2000 head work ok with the bored out block or are you better getting a 2200 head.
> Alan Francis (partviking)
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