[ROVERNET - UK] Front Suspension/Upper Ball Joint

rwacek at comcast.net rwacek at comcast.net
Fri Nov 16 18:20:50 GMT 2007

Good Day.

I'm going through my suspension. Shocks, boots, repack bearings. All the steering side rod and bottom link strut assembly boots were shot. Pounded on those rod ends with a pickle fork to get them off to no avail. Put some heat on them and they then came out with ease. Ruth gave me the hot tip to call Moss Motors and get the boots for an Austin Healy part 262-220. Worked beautifully. 
Thank goodness that  3 out of 4 ball joint boots are fine. One is shot. Cannot find any kind of boot, split or otherwise that will work. Ordered a new ball joint from Ruth.

Reading the manual it's not clear to me about removal of an upper ball joint. Somehow the front spring pressure has to be dealt with, right. The manual says touse a suitable lever on bottom link to hold it downward. Shouldn't I be prying up on the top link assembly right next to where the ball joint stem is.

I appreciate your comments.

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