[ROVERNET - UK] looking for a good home

Chris J Wilson chris at chris-wilson.org
Fri Nov 16 20:04:22 GMT 2007

Hey guys,

Just saw this on the P6 Club forum - any takers?



looking for a good home

I have two 2000 TC Rover P6. One is 1967 and the other is 1969. I have had
the cars for over 30 years. They are at least 95% complete. I haven't had
them running for probably for 15 years. They would be great for parts. I
need to get rid of them but I hate to send them the the scrapper. I would be
willing to give them to someone that would give them a good home. The
problem is that I live in the US. If there is someone in your club that
would want them they can contact me by email. If not, do you know if there
are any clubs here in the States that may want them? I love these cars and
would hate to see them crushed. Please let me know if you can help me.
Thank you,
Tulsa, OK, USA

Contact secretary at p6club.com for more details

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