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Sorry to bomb the list but my reply to your email has just returned Kent. Not sure why it didn't make it but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you!  :)

Have left the gobaldygook in so other more experienced emailers may be able to expain why.

Alan Francis (partviking)

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Hi Kent,=0A            Many thanks for your email(s) It is not unusual to h=
ave Dunlop calipers with a Girling/Lockheed servo (booster). The A suffix c=
ars had complete Dunlop systems but as Dunlop were taken over by Girling ar=
ound 1965 they started converting P6's first by fitting a Girling servo fro=
m Suffix B (about mid 1965 I think) followed by fitting Girling calipers Su=
ffix C (about mid-1966). My car is a early 1964 so should have a complete D=
unlop system but at some point in the past has had a Girling Servo fitted. =
Although in the overall scheme of things it doesn't matter i would like to =
try and return the car to original as I do feel it's important some cars re=
main as built and all to often they get fitted with later parts often as a =
result of unavailability or financial expediency.=0A=0AThe Dunlop servo bra=
ckets were different to Girling ones hence my desire to try and track one d=
own. Getting a servo is not to difficult as many people have removed them w=
hen scrapping cars but of course they didn't bother removing the brackets..=
.. in fairness why would they!=0A=0AI realise Suffix A cars are thin on the=
ground but hopefully there may be a shell out there somewhere and chances =
are the brackets would still be on the car.=0A=0AThe only way I can describ=
e the differnece is that on Dunlop cars the bracket nearest the windscreen =
is a complete circle of metal around the end of the servo and has a bolt th=
at squeezes it together working along the same lines as a strap wrench fits=
wound an oil filter. On Girling cars this bracket has the circle of steel =
split and is squeezed together with a pinch bolt. Not easy to describe in a=
n email but if you think you may have  a possible suspect i can scan a page=
of the parts catalouge showing both.=0A=0AGood to hear from you again and =
hope your ministering both spiritual and Roverley is in fine form.=0A=0AKin=
dest regards=0A=0AAlan=0A      =0A=0A----- Original Message ----=0AFrom: Ke=
nt Kinard <kkinard at wcc.net>=0ATo: lingfield51 at btinternet.com=0ASent: Monday=
, 12 November, 2007 2:36:44 PM=0ASubject: Ooops I meant Lockheed booster=0A=
=0AHi Alan,=0AMy head is not in gear this morning.  My cars have Dunlop bra=
kes and =0ALockheed boosters.  I've got P5 stuff stuck in my head and can't=
flush =0Ait out.=0A=0AKent K.

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