[ROVERNET - UK] Eimination of the AED on a P6B ??

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Hi all
Thanks for the advice,next question . Does any one have a spare set of choke assemblies , and cable  etc lurking around in their 
basement ?? I can offer them[ ie the parts ]  a good home and TLC.
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> It's perfectly possibly to set the SUs up with the choke lever system
> from a home market car and it has the benefit that it looks "factory".
> This couples the two carbs so that one cable operates both jet
> mechanisms
> Alternatively there are manual conversions for the AED, but I'm not
> sure that this would be an ideal solution as the AED is a notoriously
> finicky bit of kit.
> Another issue is mounting the pull knob in the cabin - cars without
> the AED have a pair of knobs in the centre console one; for the  fuel
> reserve tap and one for the choke. The Federal 3500S had the knob for
> the reserve tap relocated to make room for the window switches and no
> choke.
> If you can find a choke knob from a 2000TC or SC  then it looks right
> at home mounted in the fascia rail alongside the steering column -
> aftermarket knobs and later BL stuff just look like a bodge job; they
> just don't look like they belong.
> Aidrian
> On 11/19/07, Slatskars <slatskars at comcast.net> wrote:
>> SU's are great carb's. Very simple and straight forward once properly setup.
>> I would stick with them. A manual choke is relatively simple. You basically
>> just want to pull down on the jet assembly, pulling it away from the needles
>> to enrich them.
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