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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Sat Nov 24 22:19:01 GMT 2007

It should indeed retract to be all but flush, 3mm sounds excessive to 
me. Oddly enough, I have just started the rebuild a set of rears 
myself, so I have samples at hand. This is on both sides? You write 
in the singular.


>Yes, back on this old chestnut again. I am in the process of replacing the
>rear calipers on my P6B which is something I have not done before. When I
>inserted the pads they were very tight and the disc would not move. When I
>looked at the piston inside the caliper, it was proud by about 3mm. I
>decided to bite the bullet and remove the calipers from the car and onto the
>bench for easier access. After checking the manual and rotating the piston
>clockwise it would still not move back flush with the caliper body. If I
>move the handbrake bracket, the piston rotates and clicks which would seem
>to indicate all is well inside the caliper (which has been reconditioned by
>myself and a very experienced Rover Car Club of Australia member) but I
>still cannot get the pistons flush with caliper body (it's the same on both
>Is it OK for the piston to be proud by 3mm? or must it be flush? Apart from
>rotating the piston, is there any other way of moving it back? All help
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Ray Wilkins
>1976 P6B
>Melbourne Australia
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