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Please do not pick on the Pinto. The early Pinto's were great little cars, 
particularly the 1971's with the 2000 engine. They did have some rust issues 
in parts of the country that used salt on the roads, but then so did 
everything else. The 1971 2000 liter engine with 9.2:1 compression, overhead 
cam put out 100 hp stock and could be taken all the way to 200 with bolt on 
stuff or 300 with a supercharger. Very good durable engine. Many went well 
over 200,000 miles. The Pinto also had rack and pinion steering and front 
disc brakes. I know about the gas tank problem, but most of the risk was 
because almost all of them were hatch backs or station wagons with no 
barrier between the rear section and passenger compartment. They recalled 
and installed a fix by placing a cover over the front of the tank that would 
divert the fuel towards the ground if rear ended. One spectacular car law 
suite should not condemn a very good car. Yes, I still have an extremely 
clean 1971 hatchback and a 71 pinto engine, transmission, rear end, front 
suspension, steering, brakes, etc. in my Gazelle kit car. Love the engines.

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