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I will have to agree with both Rodger and Steven regarding adjusting your 
carbs, but if you do not have the colortune or unisyn, there is an older 
method that works. First as Steven suggested, ensure that the ignition 
components are properly functioning and adjusted. Also check that the level 
of oil in the dash posts is correct. Reduce the idle as much as possible, 
disconnect the linkage between the carbs so that they function 
independently. Follow the book in adjusting the idle mixture by using the 
button below to raise the piston. Idle speed should increase momentarily and 
then fall off. If too rich they will keep increasing, if the die off, too 
lean. When these are adjusted properly, take a short section of small hose 
or tubing, insert about 1/4 inch into the carb throat of first one and then 
the other. Adjust until the flow of air into the carbs sound the same, 
retighten the linkage and enjoy. This is how we did it before unisyns were 
available, back in the dim dark ages. It does work!

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> Hi guys,
> I want to balance my 2000 TC carbs as I think idle and mixture are out. 
> Have contemplated various methods including pipe and ear, Gunson, mercury 
> tubes, colour tune etc.  Please advise dear colleagues.  Should I make 
> connections into the manifolds for vacume guages, or should I mow the lawn 
> instead
> Cheers Roger
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