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 Hi Kent! Thanks for your answer. Yes, you are right in your assumptions. I now realise that I've already used an ordinary coil. Is the ballast resistor the small thing coupled directly to the coil? Jan 

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Hi Jan,
I assume you are using the fuel injection system that came 
on the 1988 Range Rover and that the ECU is the "4CU" type 
in use in the UK at that time.  This system has many 
similarities to the 4CU system used on NAS SD1's but one 
major difference.  The NAS ECU's were made to work with 
catalytic converters (I think that is true of the 
Australian market cars as well).  The NAS ECU's will not 
work on UK/Euro systems without cats.  Other than that, 
the faults are the same.

Yes, you may use a points type distributor as a substitute 
for your electronic unit provided you also use the points 
type coil and ballast resistor (or suitable resistance 
wire).  I have run K&N filters on the 4CU system in the 
past with no problems.

Kent K.

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 17:15:47 +0200
  <jan.tillberg at> wrote:
> Hi there everyone!
> I have the similar problem with my EFI. I put a 
>rangerover 3,5 l V8 from 1988 into my -73 P6. Perhaps I 
>was asking for trouble.. Anyway, It has a week idle, runs 
>unevenly and sometimes weak. I've put a K&N airfilter - 
>so perhaps it gives to little resistance?  I will test 
>the system according to your advices. 
> My question is: Can I use an old contact breaker 
>distributor to compare with the electronic one? Or will 
>something in the ECU finally have had it?
> I heard that the EFI is basically the same as the Bosch 
>fuel injection found in 1988 Volvos - anyone knows what 
>parts are interchangable?
> I have never run the engine before I bought it but it's 
>restored mechanically.
> Cheers 
> Jan Tillberg
> Stockholm Sweden 
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> Ämne: [ROVERNET - UK] Re:Rough running SD1
> My first guess would be partially clogged fuel 
>injectors, but it's worth checking your fuel line 
>pressure first. Find an old mechanical oil pressure 
>gauge. Depressurize the system and attach the oil 
>pressure gauge to the cold start fuel injector. Take the 
>hose from the air filter to the airflow meter off. Stick 
>a rag in the airflow meter. This will turn on the fuel 
>pump when the ignition is on. You should get a steady 
>reading of about 40 psi. Turn the ignition off and watch 
>how slowly the pressure drops - the longer it takes the 
> If your fuel pressure is OK you should remove the fuel 
>injectors and test them for flow rate and spray pattern. 
>This is a messy procedure.  
> I have a test rig using an old  fuel pump and pressure 
>regulator. The injectors should deliver 125 to 150 ml per 
>minute and you should have a conical spray pattern. You 
>might be able to find a shop that has testing and 
>cleaning equipment for fuel injectors. Sometimes the 
>injectors can be cleaned.If not you can buy new or 
>rebuilt ones.
> Before you put everything back together, be sure your 
>fuel filters are reasonably new and carefully check the 
>rubber fuel lines. If there is any sign of checking or 
>cracking you should replace the rubber lines making sure 
>only to use high pressure fuel injection hose.
> The other possibility is that your ignition module is 
>faulty. I think by now most people are using Lumenition 
>or Pertronix modules, but if you have the original module 
>inside the distributor it has probably about had it.
> Good Luck!
> Dermot Harvey
> Spectral Kinetics
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