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Robert Heimerl robertime at cavtel.net
Thu Oct 11 17:35:19 BST 2007

Hi Michael,
This recent Rovernet exhange answers my question about why
you missed the "MG's on the Rocks" event in Maryland a
couple of weeks ago.  Only one Rover sedan made it -- a very
nice white P6 (French export, LHD) owned by a gentleman who
was expecting both you and Glen to be there, too.  My own
Turmeric SD1 was not up for the trip, either.  Maybe next
On the subject of your engine:  I would add that the gas in
mine went bad quite quickly -- in the space of about three
months.  I've been told that this is due to the higher
proportion of ethanol content these days.  It's worth
draining/replacing the fuel before investing in another ECU
or a very expensive Lumenition electronic ignition system. 
As for the filters, Dermot has a good point -- he's also
suggested adding another filter between the tank and the
fuel pump and has a recommendation for a widely-used one
that fits the larger diameter hoses in that location.  Yes,
the fuel injection is one possibility, but then there's that
aging, overheated electronic ignition.
It's been widely noted that SD1's were frequently found on
the roadside in the UK, even when relatively new.  Since
most of those cars were equipped with carburetors, we could
conclude that the LUCAS electronic ignition system is the
most likely source.  Unfortunately, because the U.S. cars
became instant orphans courtesy of British Leyland, most of
them received little if any regular maintenance.  Now, at 27
years of age, they typically suffer from multiple layers of
problems.  My own SD1 is a case study, with fuel, ignition
and electrical issues.  [And, no, Glen and Kent, it doesn't
have anything to do with that bright, bold, Turmeric Yellow
that both Michael and I like so much.]
Please let us know when (if?) you manage to pin down a
specific cause.  It might help revive two or three others
with similar symptoms.  And let me know if I can be of any
help -- although I've not had the greatest success with my
own car so far. 
I have -- as Dermot suggests -- a Lumenition
system/distributor waiting to be installed.  And, yes, the
fuel injectors are another possible source for this engine's
unpredictable, generally poor performance -- much like what
you described.  It's not that easy to keep these cars up and
running, despite all the good advice on Rovernet!  
Best of luck to everyone who tries, though.  We deserve a
medal of some sort, perhaps a British Knighthood -- here's
to the Royal Order of Rover Revivers!
Robert Heimerl
Arlington, VA
1980 Rover SD1 (Turmeric)
> Thanks all. A lot of good info.
> J. Michael Lewis
> 1980 SD1 turmeric
> 1980 SD1 aqua
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