[ROVERNET - UK] variable curve dizzy

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sat Oct 13 04:02:22 BST 2007

Hi Dermot,
Not me!  Delcos are easy to rebuild and I like to fiddle 
with the springs and weights.  Add a Pertronix and away 
you go.  I still have two Mallory Unilites and a points 
type Mallory, some Unilite conversion modules for the 
Delcos and several good Lucas dizzies with the external 
module.  The 5.1 litre iron block will get a juiced up HEI 
that I've had on the shelf forever.  Now what I really 
want is a wide Wilpower intake (for a P76) to go on the 
5.1 litre....same money.  I've got a John Harcourt single 
plane and spacers, but it looks crude next to the 

Kent K.

On Fri, 12 Oct 2007 21:18:11 -0400
  Dermot Harvey <roverman2 at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hi Group,
> Who is going to plunk down about $750 to try out this 
>new dizzy?  It  sounds great. Kent?
> Dermot Harvey
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