[ROVERNET - UK] Feedback on first place winner

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Tue Oct 16 12:38:42 BST 2007

Great Rover, Lance; I especially like the engine bay!  --Steve

> Hi All,
> Thanks for all of the kudos regarding the car.  In response to several 
> questions:  I tried to keep everything as stock as possible, but the color 
> (as all of you afficionados know) is not a Rover color.  My ex (from whom I 
> inherited the car in the 80's) had it sprayed that color (It was originally 
> the Rover Burnt Grey).  I was told that it was close (in the 1980's) to a 
> blue that was used on police cars in Chicago!!!! I had to admit it was a 
> much more appealing color and had it re-sprayed as such.
> The Centennial Rover decal (1904-2004) was kindly given to me by Ruth at 
> A-B-C when I bought a mess of parts in 2004. Give her a call/email and see 
> if she has any more.
> Yes, I do drive the car, but because I rebuilt everything under that hood, 
> and used new seals,gaskets, I expect that it won't start leaking and 
> dirty-ing up the engine bay for another 200 miles (LOL).  Then it will once 
> again become a beloved British 'leaker'.
> Cheers,
> Lance La Certe    '70 3500S 
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