[ROVERNET - UK] Any followup on my paint question?

Anders Hedelund anders at xoz.dk
Wed Oct 17 16:20:49 BST 2007

Yep, I actually used it to order Arden Green, and I tested it today to 
check on Corsica Blue. The usual challenge for many of these old Rover 
colors is that Rover did not originally use any paint code names, only 
'real' names, and paint suppliers basically ask for code names.

So it was when I initially tried to order via Glasurit (Rover's own 
original factory supplier): Sorry sir, no code name, no delivery.

But lo and behold, the day before my car was ready for the final touch I 
found Glasurit's Internet page, and there they all were to be found on 
real name. Since then the page has been made easier to use, but it still 
takes a little trying to get to the target, and since you ask, OK here 
is the way:

- Click on the link  
- Select manufacturer: Rover
- Select the color name
- Click on Start Search
- Now you see the hit right in the middle of the page. Click on the 
color name there
- It probably gives one paint line only :Glasurit 22. Click on the paint 
line name
- It probably gives one option only: Standard. Click on that text

Now you get a new page with the formula and a number of options to 
calculate formula amounts for car part and size.

Now, whether DuPont or others can translate/cross-reference from a 
competitor - Glasurit formula - I do not know. I was completely 
satisfied with being able to get the original color from the original 
supplier. They even sent it so I had it the day after calling them. 


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