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Ron Venter venterrh at telus.net
Thu Oct 18 01:28:57 BST 2007

             How old are the tyres? It is surprising how much noise 
they can make when the rubber starts getting a bit hard. New tyres 
transformed my wife's P6.
                                         Ron V.

At 03:17 AM 07-10-17, you wrote:
>I have a noise problem with my 2000SC from 1967, 28.000 genuine 
>miles.When driving along at 40-50 mph
>there is a howling sound slightly varying in note (with a frequency 
>of appr.3-5 per second).
>Of course diff oil has been controlled and the splines lubricated. 
>The noise is there whether engine pulling or on the
>Nor is there a change in the note when swinging the car from side to 
>side on the road.
>Concerning the gearbox mountings, should it be necessary to replace 
>after only 28.000 miles?
>My local mechanic recommend me to drive on and see what happens!!!
>Does anyone have experienced similar problem? As you can understand, 
>the car is in very healthy condition.
>henning helmer
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